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Over the years, I have approached photography in many different ways... Two trips to Africa when I was a teenager honed my interest in wildlife and simply learning how to use a camera. As a fisherman, and later as a diver, I became interested in photographing fish in their element-specifically for, and from, a fisherman's point of view. And more recently, I have found my interest shifting away from the clearly recognizable to a macro/abstract approach. I still shoot many things underwater (as immersion reduces glare and lends a richness to colors under the right lighting conditions), but I am more seeking abstractions of otherwise mundane subject matter. These macro studies of sea glass, shells, rocks, etc... are meant to communicate more by color and composition than anything else.


Another major factor in my recent, abstract work, is the ability to be viewed in multiple orientations. Most have at least two ways to be hung, both a vertical and a horizontal "right side up", but others have three or even four. Two advantages of this, are that these images can be fit and presented in a broader range of spaces, and also, with the canvases in particular, spaces may be effectively "refreshed" by simply rotating one's art.

With all matted and framed paper images, if you have a particular preference for the orientation of the title and signature, please contact me directly at 508-962-7748, and I will absolutely accommodate your request. Otherwise, all images will be signed as they are oriented on the site. Canvases are signed and titled on the reverse side, and hence can be hung as desired.

vert GF.jpg
Horz GF.jpg

(Examples below illustrate the versatility of orientation.)

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